My best Hotel experience

To be honest.. as a traveller you are usually on a low budget and cannot really afford expensive, fancy hotels (well at least in my case) 😀

But during my year abroad in the US I was lucky enough to get the chance to stay at a really fun place.


Luxor Hotel Las Vegas:

I really can recomment this hotel!


It is not only a hotel but also a casino!
But that’s not all! It also offers Restaurants, shopping stores, night clubs and magic shows!


The whole hotel is Egypt themed. The building is Pyramide shaped supplied with a laser and a pharao sculpture in front.

Inside there’s lots of Egyptian accessoirs and pictures.

The rooms a very luxorious, clean and beautiful. Our room had a huge window front from which you had an amazing view on the skyline of Las Vegas. The bathroom looked like it was made of gold and marble.

The lobby is huge providing a “shopping street” lots of slot machines and restaurants. The hotel staff was nice and helpful ( eventhough it was really annoying getting asked to show your ID every 10 minutes) and so was the security guard of the night club inside our hotel.


In the evening we were watching a magic show – also located in our hotel – Chris Angel. It was really magical and amazing. It was my first magic show ever and I really enjyoed it.

There’s so much to do without even leaving the hotel! Of course there’s a pool area as well 🙂

So for closure I can say:

Luxor is not an average hotel, it provides lots of facilities and is furthermore Egypt themed -what really meets my taste-

It’s a great place to stay for a weekend or longer – if affortable-

Sure will go there again!

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