Travel Weekend


Well hello there! !

Yes I am still alive!! XD

I haven’t been posting in a long time and I really missed it!!
But I’ve been too busy, then I was sick and then I had to study too much ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
But now I’m back! ๐Ÿ˜€

Latest update:
My friend from Colombia who I haven’t met in 5 years finally came to visit me and of course we’ve been travelling Europe.


3 countrys in 1 day #onlyineurope !


We took a train from Munich to Vienna where we arrived at 1 pm and thenย have been running around for the entire day.

We’ve been to downtown and exploring the old town. There are so many amazing buildings it’s so gorgeous!
And believe it or not.. even though I live in Munich which is only (usually) 3 hours by train, I have never been there!

Haha. I guess I’m more that kind of person that likes travelling far. Asia, America, Africa …

But since my Colombian friend is here I discovered the joys of travelling Europe. 😄


DSC09968 Kopie

So … We went to Vienna
We’ve seen so much.. The opera house the old town and the old market we saw the Hofgarten and the Castle โค

DSC09971 Kopieย DSC09946 Kopie
And there has been a “Oktoberfestย -fake” festival which we attented and by the end of the day we’ve also been on the huge ferries wheel to have a view over the whole town. It’s been really an exhausting day but it was amazing.
And of course we ate the traditional food: Wiener Schnitzel mit Pommes and Kaiserschmarn.

After that we went back to the train station waiting for our train to Bratislava.



Bratislava is only 1 hour by train from vienna it’s really so close that’s what I live about europe! Everything is so small and cute ๐Ÿ™‚


DSC00099 Kopieย DSC00102

Bratislava was amazing they have a beautiful old town downtown and lots of beautiful buildings. My favourite is bratislava castle.

ย ย 

It’s a castle all way up on the hill from where you have a perfect view of the town and the UFO tower.

The UFO tower is another amazing building very high and there a nice restaurant in it and another spot for a great view of Bratislava.

So if you are ever in Vienna you should also consider going to Bratislava it’s perfect for a 1 day trip as it’s so small and cheap. And you don’t even need a bus to get around.


13 thoughts on “Travel Weekend

  1. Nice to read your blog, Denise! I’m glad you thought my post about trams in Milan, was interesting enough for you to like it. Three countries in one day – wow! But I don’t see any posts here about Italy. If you ever do go to Milan, just contact me and I’ll make you a personal plan for the best area in Milan suited for you and the best places to eat there! Or you can just check out my other main blog [ ]. Keep traveling!


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