Happy New Year 2016 from Times Square NYC!!!



Hello guys!

Welcome to 2016!  Hopefully a good year! 😀

So we’ve spent our new years eve in New York City as this is obviously one of THE BUCKETLIST ACTIVIITES (!)

Of couse we all just wanna do one thing and that is seeing the ball drop. That one spectakel that only happens in New York City and millions of people view it each year from either at home or direcly live from Times Square.

So.. as you probably can imagine this is not just all about fun considering the fact that there is roughly a million people wanting to see the same thing and thousands (and I mean thousands) of police officers trying to keep this save and sound for each of them .

How to spend New Years Eve on Times Square?

Well, if you really wanna see the ball drop and got this on your bucketlist for years then there are a few things you definitely have to consider before.

  1. BE EARLY!!! And I mean early. The ball drops at midnight so I can only suggest you to be there as early as possible.. let’s say.. 10 the latest!
    If you look online you will read some articles that say around 3pm which is WAY too late as police starts closing roads at 2pm.
    You wanna be in time ? You wanna have a good spot?
  2. Well, considering the fact you need to be extremely early, probably have to wait for more than 14 hours you should definitely do not drink ANYTHING before and during your stay (obvisoulsy I am not talking about alcoholic beverages as they are of course forbidden anyways) What I mean is the simple fact that you cannot use any bathroom for the next 14-16 hours. NO PUBLIC FACILITIES!
  3. Entering Times Square they will put you in a pen (spelling?). Once you get out of your pen you won’t ever get back your spot and the waiting would have been worthless. Still we have experienced many people leaving sooner or later. It really is a not fun thing it’s just all about the waiting.
  4. IT’S COLD! IT IS FREAKING WINTER! Don’t forget about the fact that it is winter time and even if the days are not too cold you gotta wait there until midnight! And believe me, standing around doing nothing but waiting in a winter night IS cold. So bundle yourself up as much as you can.
  5. SECURITY! Don’t forget that you will have to pass through security checks. DONT BRING ANY BAGS! PERIOD! NO BAGS ALLOWED! Bags will be thrown away or you will have to leave. So you definitley do not wanna bring a bag!
  6. WAITING. What to do with that much time of waiting? Honestly… I really cannot answer this question. It’s been quite a hard thing to do and all I was thinking about was… time goes by.. time never stands still and tomorrow you will be able to say you made it you saw the ball drop. And you know what? Here I am save and sound in my warm house and I can say I saw the freaking ball drop 2016! So be tough! You want it , you can do it!


What’s going to happen?

Well the plan is as follows, at 6pm they will adjust the ball. From that time on each hour there will be a countdown and they will show the countries that already have new years.

At 8pm they will start the concert/ the entertaining show (which you won’t be able to see unless you start early in the morning like 8am – if this is to hard core for you then prolly you won’t be able to see it)

And then FINALLY!! At 12 midnight after the countdown the ball drops the fireworks light up the sky and a ton of confetti will fall from the sky covering everyone and everything.
And after a few minutes the magic is gone and 1 million people wanna go home 😀


Was the waiting worth it?

Well, I think that is a question everybody needs to answer to themselves. Considering the mentioned points above… would you wanna do it?
I am glad I did it and I am glad I never have to do it again! 😀


With these words… have a happy and save new year 2016! ♥

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