Bucket List 2016

Hey guys!

Here is my bucketlist 2016! These are some things I really would love to do this year and I really hope I ll be able to work this list! πŸ˜€

Let me know your bucketlist activities you’ve planned for this year! Β β™₯


  1. See the great wall of China
  2. Have a korean BBQ in Seoul
  3. See the great pandas in China
  4. Visit Budapest
  5. Do an internship at a turtle conservation programme
  6. Travel to Sri Lanka
  7. See baby turtles hatch
  8. Visit Warsaw
  9. Go to GALAPAGOS!!! β™₯
  10. Go diving in Galapagos
  11. See the giant tortoise in Galapagos
  12. Visit Dresden
  13. Dive with Whale Sharks
  14. See a school of hammer heads
  15. Travel South Africa
  16. Go Skydiving
  17. Go in a shark cage
  18. Visit the Cape of good hope
  19. climb the table mountain
  20. Go on a safari
  21. See the Viktoria falls
  22. Visit Chobe National Park
  23. Visit DisneyWorld Florida
  24. Get a dolphin kiss
  25. Go jetsking
  26. See the Everglades
  27. Go shopping in Miami
  28. Have a very American Halloween
  29. Pass my final exams XD
  30. See the northern lights on new years eve


Let me know your goals and dreams!! β™₯

42 thoughts on “Bucket List 2016

  1. Dive with whale sharks, get a dolphin kiss, go on safari, go skydiving, go jet skiing…you’re coming to Kenya right? The coast offers all the water stuff and you can safari Tsavo. Or on the other side I can recommend Nakuru and Masai Mara for safari. Skydiving…you can land gently on a beautiful white sand beach. Seriously, get yourself here!

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      • Well I’m planning on opening a new backpackers place in Watamu on the coast. I’ll hopefully be up and running in about four months. There’s a pool, 24 hour security, and the beach is a 5 minute walk (walking at African speed – slow!). I’m putting in a bar and a beach volleyball court plus probably a pool table and trampoline. There’ll be a restaurant on site. Free wifi throughout. Seriously, if you are ever headed my way, get in touch and we can ‘do a deal’. Enjoy your travels this year anyway. Xx

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