Ljubljana – a must visit 

Ljubljana is really an underrated city and I wanna show you why!


Ljubljana is the capital and the biggest city of Slovenia. And even though it’s a small cute and cozy city where everyone knows everyone. In fact people don’t even make any appointments to meet because they know when they ll just go downtown they will meet anyone they know asndnd hang out with whoever they meet. That’s just how small Ljubljana is. That’s something I really like about it and no way you get lost.

Besides that there is barely any traffic indeed Ljubljana is Europe’s Green City and very proud of it.

Another great feature are the friendly and helpful people around who make your stay even more enjoyable.

My favourite parts are 2 things :

1) the amazing bridges  (bridge lover here)

2) the castle

The…. river flows through the City and reminds of Venice. And I love the bridges which look even better at night when they are illuminated.

And the castle lays right in the city center on a very steep hill it’s a good work out to walk all the way up but if course there is a lift as well. From up the hill you’ve got an amazing view if the city and you can climb up the castle tower for am even better view of the city. Climbing up the tower is 5€ for students 7€ for adults.

It’s worth going up especially during an smazing sunset/sunrise 🙂

The Christmas market is another beautiful place to visit and happens to be right in the heart of the city. The Christmas light decorations have a special topic each year.

Besides of the beautiful architecture Ljubljana also offers a lot of entertainment such as play and concerts and much more depending on the season.

And if you get hungry there are lots and lots of places to eat along the river.

26 thoughts on “Ljubljana – a must visit 

    • Haha they do! They have a meaning but nothing with Christmas. This year the topic was the circle of life
      That’s the reason for a man and woman and the DNA sign and everything. It’s hard to guess though if nobody tells you 😅


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