Budapest in 1 Day

Ljubljana – Budapest – Ljubljana

What to see if you only have 7 hours in Budapest.

So here are some facts about Budapest:

  • Budapest was put together with the city of Buda + Pest in the 1970s
  • Budapest is the 9th biggest city in the EU (not Europe, but EU)
  • It has about 1,8 Million inhabitants
  • Budapest makes 6th place on the list of the most European visited cities
  • Budapest is said to be one of the most beautiful cities in Europe
  • Budapest is the capital of Hungary
  • The part of Buda is famous for its Thermal Baths

So you definitely should visit one of the Thermal Baths Budapest is famous for.

Budapest Castle
Another great place to visit is Budapest castle which is really cool as it was build in not just one architectural style but it consists of pretty much all of them. So it has Gothic features just as ancient Roman, Renaissance, etc.

Hero Square
From the Castle it’s not far to the Hero Square. It’sΒ a UNESCO world heritage and you can find different museums to your left and right. (And also a Tours Office if you are in need for one). Β The Hero Square is in the part of Pest.

St.-Stephen’s Basilika is also in the part of Pest and the biggest chruch of Budapest. It’s also part of the UNESCO world heritage. What’s so special about this chruch ?Β The right hand of King Stephen is housed in the reliquary inside the church. It’s creepy but cool at the same time.

Chain Bridge
Not far from the St. Stephen’s Basilika you can find the Bank of the Danube river.Β The parts Buda and Pest are conntected by several bridges but the Chain Bridge is the most famous.

Castle Hill
Up on a hill 170m above Danube. From this spot you have an amazing view of the City especially at night.

Well, this is the place you want to be at at night. It’s the very top of the town and from you have a marvellous view of the citiy and its suspension bridges.
Definitely my favourite spot and a must go!

30 thoughts on “Budapest in 1 Day

  1. Thanks for the post. I’m going to Budapest next month and trying to decide what to do when I’m there. Also deciding between traveling through Transdanubia and visits to Prague and Vienna.

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  2. You have made me decide that I did myself a disservice last time I visited Europe! I NEED to visit Budapest! I get so hung up on Western Europe that I never give much thought to exploring Eastern Europe. I need to rectify this!

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  3. Great photos of Budapest! Only two facts related remarks: Buda and Pest formed Budapest much before 1970’s, and thermal baths are In Pest too, like the biggest one, Szecsenyi bath.


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