New Years in Prague

Wait… What ?

A New Years Post in the middle of summer?!
Well yes!

This blog has just recently been created this all is still so new to me and so I gotta catch up on a lot of stuff. I’ve got so much more to tell you about.
So let’s start off.

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Lava fields, Thermal Pools and Waterfalls

The fun thing is that all you need to do is just drive along the Number 1 (Ring Road) and on your way you’ll be able to explore Iceland. All important places are marked with a sign which point out t he place of interest. There’s also lots of parking spaces along the Road where you can stop for a beautiful view.
The motto:  ” Don’t risk your life – Stop for an amazing view!”
Something everyone should keep  in mind because even if it mostly seem that you are all alone there, lots of accidents have happened.

In my opinion the whole country is just a huge national park, beautiful with all its amazing sights and places, and so the long hour driving does not really bother.

Day 2 started off in Saudafkrökur with our first stop in Myvatn. Myvatn is a really great place – a MUST visit – and you should plan in a lot of time for it as there is a lot to see!
It is famous for its gorgeous lake scenery but also for its variety in landscapes and amazing geological formations that you’ll be amazed over and over again.
This area is extremely volcanic and has thermal pool and hot springs (some of them boiling hot at 100°C and smelling strongly like sulfur).
Owing to the volcanic activities it’s pretty smokey and you’ll see ashes everywhere.
You can also spot a Lava field located near the lake with a little grotto at the bottom and a huge crack on top where earthquakes in the past have pulled the plates aparat.
So as you can see there’s lots of things to do and see and I’m sure you could spend a whole day there not getting bored.

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My best Hotel experience

To be honest.. as a traveller you are usually on a low budget and cannot really afford expensive, fancy hotels (well at least in my case) 😀

But during my year abroad in the US I was lucky enough to get the chance to stay at a really fun place.


Luxor Hotel Las Vegas:

I really can recomment this hotel!


It is not only a hotel but also a casino!
But that’s not all! It also offers Restaurants, shopping stores, night clubs and magic shows!


The whole hotel is Egypt themed. The building is Pyramide shaped supplied with a laser and a pharao sculpture in front.

Inside there’s lots of Egyptian accessoirs and pictures.

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