Ireland Roundtrip Day 1

Hey Guys!

So this is my first day of my Ireland roundtrip. I arrived here today at 10am and took the “airlink” bus to the City Center of Dublin. This bus line is really the perfect way to get to Dublin its 7 Euro one way and takes between 30-45 Minutes. The traffic is not really bad  the buses have wifi!
That’s a big plus for Dublin as so many bigger cities have a horrible transportation from the airport to the city center. So thumbs up for Dublin!

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Last day on the RingRoad – Godbye Iceland

It’s a weird feeling waking up knowing it our last day. Over the past few days I actually got really used to this. Spending all day long on the road.  Live in the car. Crazy storms. Cold, rainy weather. Super crazy sheep sleeping on the Road LOL Yes all of this has become so familiar and now its over already. Nevertheless we , of course, will enjoy our last day on the Road. First stop on the road was the geothermal area KrysuvikIt’s like some kind of vulcanosystem under the earth. And it smells really bad xD It’s near Reykjavik and right next to the beautiful blue lake.
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Lava fields, Thermal Pools and Waterfalls

The fun thing is that all you need to do is just drive along the Number 1 (Ring Road) and on your way you’ll be able to explore Iceland. All important places are marked with a sign which point out t he place of interest. There’s also lots of parking spaces along the Road where you can stop for a beautiful view.
The motto:  ” Don’t risk your life – Stop for an amazing view!”
Something everyone should keep  in mind because even if it mostly seem that you are all alone there, lots of accidents have happened.

In my opinion the whole country is just a huge national park, beautiful with all its amazing sights and places, and so the long hour driving does not really bother.

Day 2 started off in Saudafkrökur with our first stop in Myvatn. Myvatn is a really great place – a MUST visit – and you should plan in a lot of time for it as there is a lot to see!
It is famous for its gorgeous lake scenery but also for its variety in landscapes and amazing geological formations that you’ll be amazed over and over again.
This area is extremely volcanic and has thermal pool and hot springs (some of them boiling hot at 100°C and smelling strongly like sulfur).
Owing to the volcanic activities it’s pretty smokey and you’ll see ashes everywhere.
You can also spot a Lava field located near the lake with a little grotto at the bottom and a huge crack on top where earthquakes in the past have pulled the plates aparat.
So as you can see there’s lots of things to do and see and I’m sure you could spend a whole day there not getting bored.

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Rockin’ The Ring Road

So.. after some pretty long time of not having access to any functional WiFi I am back!

So far me and my friend have made it almost once around the Ring Road and so far it’s been a freaking amazing and super funny trip! I can really recommend this to everyone. . Make a trip around the ring road!!!
It doesn’t matter what kind of person you are…
You can go camping or sleep in are van you can book hostels or hotels.
You can go hiking, riding a bicycle, take a bus, drive by car, tramp or even jog around the ring road. I’ve seen it all!

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