Happy New Year 2016 from Times Square NYC!!!



Hello guys!

Welcome to 2016!  Hopefully a good year! 😀

So we’ve spent our new years eve in New York City as this is obviously one of THE BUCKETLIST ACTIVIITES (!)

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My college life in L.A.

Yes.. of course I had imagined college life abroad in the USA great and fun. I was excited and full of expectations but I would have never even dreamed of what it really was like! Things turned out to be far beyond my expectations. Sure there were good days and not so good days but I would never wanna treat this experience for anything in the world.   On my first day I met my Japanese friend who was my best friend the whole time we started this year together and finished it together as well. We shared everyhing and it was the most amazing thing ever.  And still we are friends and seeing each other now and then. Besides here I made many friends from many different countries and still have contact to some of them. Love meeting them on my travels.   Continue reading

My first LAX experience



I’ve had never been away from home for so long! To be honest I was a little scared when I was sitting in the plane. The flight was schedule for 11 hours but it seemed to go so fast! When only 3 hours were left I knew it’s getting real now! And suddenly I wished that I would have a few more hours left. When we were flying over Canada and the Grand Canyon I knew I hand’t much more time on the plane.

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10 Reasons why YOU should study abroad/ have a gap year

Hello there!

Here are my Top 10 reasons why YOU should study abroad/ have a gap year!


1. You will meet people/ make friends on the other side of the world!

This is your ONE TIME opportunity to make amazing friends from all over the world.

Make amazing memories and have experiences you would not even dream of.

Nobody knows what it feels like if they haven’t been abroad themselves- Get the experience!


2. You will get way more independent and gain lots of selfesteem!

While being alone for a year, the first time away from your family and friends, all alone on the other site of the world where nobody speaks your mother tongue , you will learn how to help yourself and not always depent on others. You will recognize how much you can do by yourself and you’ll see that you are capable of way more than you thought.

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My best Hotel experience

To be honest.. as a traveller you are usually on a low budget and cannot really afford expensive, fancy hotels (well at least in my case) 😀

But during my year abroad in the US I was lucky enough to get the chance to stay at a really fun place.


Luxor Hotel Las Vegas:

I really can recomment this hotel!


It is not only a hotel but also a casino!
But that’s not all! It also offers Restaurants, shopping stores, night clubs and magic shows!


The whole hotel is Egypt themed. The building is Pyramide shaped supplied with a laser and a pharao sculpture in front.

Inside there’s lots of Egyptian accessoirs and pictures.

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One year studying in the United States of America

After finishing High School I’ve applied to an international school in the United States and got accepted. So I had to start the planning. First of all no matter what age you need to apply for a student visa if you want to study in the USA – which includes lots of waiting surveys and other paperwork to do. After finally receiving my new passport, student visa and filling in all the documents required I could finally focus on what is really important!

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